International Work

InternationalSince 2001 SDH Training has been involved with training course outside of the U.K.

Our first encounter was in Rotterdam in which we undertook a joint ADR Consignor/Vehicle Operator and Awarness course for Van Groote logistics who also had an operating centre within the U.K.  the company consigned dangerous goods between each other, these courses ensured that consignment procedures by both were uniformity undertaken, this task was completed by using the then current text of ADR.

In 2004 we were asked to provide a Health and Safety Induction courses working alongside one of our assosiate training providers Safefreight Training  in Malta.

Also in 2004 SDH was appointed to undertake Dangerous Goods courses for both consignors and drivers in the South Atlantic, this service has been ongoing right up to the present day.

Our training in both Malta and the South Atlantic has also included various Health and Safety courses along with Plant and Lifting Equipment

Proving that we realy do deliver training to logistics and other industries